Thursday, October 8, 2009

Parliament of Whores (Part 1)

Congress is corrupt to the core.  Case in point: Charles Rangel:
The House voted 246-153 along mostly partisan lines to refer a GOP resolution to remove Rangel to the House ethics committee. The Democratic maneuver rendered the Republican effort meaningless, since Democratic leaders have said they have no intention of removing Rangel while the ethics committee is conducting a long-term investigation of his conduct.
Rangel has failed to pay taxes, not disclosing assets and income, while enjoying several rent-controlled apartments in New York.  He should be thrown out. If the leaders had any integrity at all, they would toss him.  But they're corrupt too -- they wouldn't even toss the congressman who was caught with bribe money in his freezer.

The "Ethics committee" is a joke--it's a fig leaf used by both parties to 1) delay (so the public will forget about it), and 2) cover-up, by issuing weak ethics reports and recommendations on the unethical conduct.

Congress is corrupt--to the core. They need to go.

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